Our Services


What makes us different?
Our global team of experts use building information modeling (BIM)—a state-of-the-art technology—to pencil out detailed 3D architectural drawings that stand out. We pursue each step of design with efficient process funnels and optimum use of resources.

MEP Engineering

How can our MEP drawings improve your efficiency?
Optimal mechanical, electrical, and plumbing must be invisible—and efficient. We work with Revit—a tool to visually represent MEP structures—to simplify the design/build process.

Structural Engineering

How does our team simplify the structural design process?
Designing and executing any structure is a very complex process. Our Vida4 engineers simplify it through value engineering (VE) practices. With building plans vividly created in Revit, you can see the developing structural model from start to finish.

3D Visualizations

Is this really important? Why do you need 3D VISUALIZATIONS?
We generate high quality photographic renderings for your facility. Vida4 harnesses every beam of light and stroke of color to replicate reality. We use sophisticated computer-generated imagery tools to communicate to you the ultimate design goal.

Interior Design

What inspires our interior design team?
Integrating science and inspiration in our design processes, Vida4 Interiors creates the best fit design across the senior living spectrum. With the sophisticated BIM technology, we produce realistic walkthroughs of the interiors, so you know what to expect.

Technical Consultation

How do we make daily living for seniors both fuller and easier?
We care about making everyday lives easier for seniors. Vida4 offers expert technical consultation on choosing LED lights, sensors, specialty appliances, toilets, and more, so that only the best makes it to your facility.